10 Secret of Optimizing Your SoundCloud Profile

//10 Secret of Optimizing Your SoundCloud Profile

10 Secret of Optimizing Your SoundCloud Profile

Soundcloud is an app that must be owned by you the music lovers. Well, despite you can listen to the others’ you also have chances to share your music and let the others appreciate it. It is something necessary then to optimize the profile. One of them is if you can buy real Soundcloud followers.
Of course, it is not the only things you can do, there are some other secrets of optimizing the profile of Soundcloud. Here they are.

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Optimize the Display Name and URL

The display name is the name appeared in the profile. When your account is firstly made, Soundcloud automatically gives you the display name. To optimize it, change your display name to something unique and artistic. It is likely a stage name for the artists.

Optimize the Profile Picture

It is much better if the profile picture is equipped with your own symbol. If you have a band logo, the profile picture must be that. It should not also be the artwork. For the best results, create the special photo with square dimension with 800×800 pixels and size less than 2 MB.

Use the Header Image

This is a new feature from Soundcloud when the header of the photo appears on the upper part as the background of your profile picture. For the best result, upload photo with high resolution and size for maximum 2MB.

Add the Links

Giving links can just make the audience, fans, or anyone can find you more easily. So, make sure to add important links including websites, blogs, fans pages, and other accounts of social media.

Connect Your Account to the Social Media

Still related to the links above, you should give connections among them effectively. There should not be too many links but make sure that they are able to encourage your social media visitors to open the links and listen to your music.

Make a Kind of Great Music

It is actually not something easy to describe how good music should be. But as a musician, you must do some efforts to make a kind of music that can be enjoyed by anyone. If you can find good reviews from the experts, it is just a plus point for your profile.

Know Your Segment
You know well what your genre is. So, you can promote your music by joining communities of bands or musicians with the same or similar genres as you.

Optimize the Quality of Sound

To make listeners interested in what you have uploaded, the music must be well-processed since the beginning. Optimize the quality of sound. There are even many apps for this without you have to go to the studio.

Buy the Followers

A key point of being popular in Soundcloud is the followers for sure. So, in the beginning, you can just buy real Soundcloud followers. It can encourage other users to follow you anyway.

Choose the Right Place to buy the Followers

Of course, you should not randomly choose a provider without knowing the credibility. Make sure to buy real Soundcloud followers in the right place. If you need a recommendation, it seems that Buyviewsubscribers.com is the ultimate choice.

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