5 Hidden Features of YouTube Channel Optimization to Retain YouTube Views

//5 Hidden Features of YouTube Channel Optimization to Retain YouTube Views

5 Hidden Features of YouTube Channel Optimization to Retain YouTube Views

Do you want to get high retention Youtube views? Probably this new feature called Youtube Channel is worth trying.

About Youtube Channel

Youtube channel is where you can easily manage your Youtube contents. As the owner of a Youtube Channel, you are given facilities to add not only videos but also links and information about yourself and the channel that you manage. By doing that, you can make people easily find you.
Unfortunately, not many Youtube users know about a lot of hidden features that can be used in Youtube Channel. Therefore, in this article, we will share some ways to get high retention Youtube views by using hidden features on Youtube Channel.

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Making use of channel recommendations

You can participate in other popular channels which have a lot of target audiences. You can do it by making use of a feature called “Related Channel”. This feature is placed on the right side of the page that is shown when you access YouTube on your computer.

The recommendations are usually based on the topic that the same users might see. To activate your channel recommendations, you can sign in to your channel first. Then, click the Creator Studio at the right part of the page and select Channel and Advanced that can be found at the left menu. To participate in Channel Recommendation, you can choose “Allow my channel to appear on other channel recommendations”.

Adjusting the layout

Your channel layout can be adjusted so that your target audiences can easily see what you wish them to see as soon as they open the page. If you do not do the adjustment, the visitors will see all your feed. This feature is strongly recommended to be used by those who regularly upload videos. You can also manage all of your contents into clear sections.

In adjusting the channel layout, what you have to do first is enabling the “Adjust Channel” menu that can be found after clicking your avatar and choosing “My Channel” menu.

Creating a footage

A footage is important for new audiences that have not yet subscribed to the channel. To make them subscribe, you can make a preview of your channel by using the snippet. This trick will make the visitors want to find out about your channel and finally, subscribe to it. It is quite effective to gain high retention Youtube views.

First, activate the channel adjustment before uploading a video that you want to preview. Open the channel that is intended to manage. Next, select “For new visitors” tab that can be found on the “home” menu. Click edit and you can freely add or delete snippets.

Creating what “To Watch Next”

This module will be shown to your subscribed audiences. The intention is to make them continuously track the videos on your channel.

Using advanced settings

By using these advanced settings, you can do various things to your Youtube accounts, like choosing Country Settings, Managing Channel Recommendation, Linking the website to the channel, Making a URL, etc. You can do the advanced settings by selecting the Creator Studio menu and choosing Channel, then Advanced menu.

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